A Farewell Ritual






Artificial Intelligence offers a fresh perspective on creativity. The canvas is no longer confined to a digital artist's computer; it evolves and connects with the world. Now, one's mind can explore every corner of the world, as far as the imagination can reach. This newfound excitement captivates me, leading me to create a self-reflective short film titled "A Farewell Ritual." The film derives its name from the ritualistic experience it offers, as it takes the viewer on an adventurous journey with the character. It is a process that rejuvenates my memories by recreating scenes from the past in my mind, ultimately culminating in a sense of sanctity and spirituality.

"Farewell" also encapsulates the message I want to convey to my past self. Over the past few years, I have faced numerous challenges, both mentally and physically. By reminiscing about the past, I gain a deeper understanding of my journey and can rebuild myself to continue moving forward. "The Farewell Ritual" serves as a love letter to myself and to those who resonate with its story.



Selected some of the Behind the Scenes / Unused Generative Clips of AFR. 

I directed this short film independently, with the assistance of my "co-director" Runway Gen-2. I have always been interested in AI-generated content. From Midjourney to Chat-GPT, AI has become integrated into our daily lives in numerous ways. I collaborated with these new AI software programs and even trained them to push the boundaries of aesthetics. I generated nearly 800 clips using the Runway App, carefully selecting and digitally enhancing them in After Effects. This film serves as a memoir, reflecting my mind and personal struggles.



Director / Designer:Zuheng Yin

Co-Directed by Gen-2

Music by Yinan Wang